Our 360° View

We tackle construction and design issues from multiple angles. We understand the parties’ concerns, what they want, and what they need.

Owners & Developers

Owners and their projects come in all shapes and sizes. From multi-family and mixed-use developments to large government infrastructure projects to boutique restaurants and hotels—we’ve seen it all. Owners want quality work delivered on time and on budget. We help them achieve that.

Texas construction lawyers for owners and developers
Texas construction law firm for commercial contractors

Commercial Contractors

Contractors want to spend their time building, not chasing money through disputes. We understand that contractors fundamentally are in the business of dispute avoidance. That’s where we come in. We know how to craft contracts that manage risk to avoid costly disputes later. If there is a dispute, we prioritize quick, efficient resolutions so our clients can get back to the business of building. We don’t pick fights, but we do know how to end them.

Architects & Engineers

From standard of care to professional liability insurance to ownership of instruments of service to waivers and limits of claims and damages, we employ our deep understanding of the problems design professionals face and help our clients focus on designing the projects that inspire their clients and bring new projects to market.

Texas Architects and Engineers Lawyer


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