Construction Disputes

In the construction business, disputes are a fact of life. Projects are complex, variables are everywhere, and in a dynamic environment where time, price, and quality are always competing, disputes inevitably arise.

Allensworth’s Construction Disputes practice group guides clients through these situations and helps them reach resolution on terms that are reasonable, straightforward, and definitive. We’re in the business of putting disputes to rest so our clients can get back to business.

We Deliver on Time, Cost, and Quality

At Allensworth, we don’t make our clients choose between time, cost, or quality. We’re committed to delivering on all fronts. In resolving construction disputes, our lawyers provide a unique combination of deep expertise and efficiency that often results in cost savings for our clients. Our approach begins by exploring likely and desirable outcomes with our clients, with a particular focus on potential risks and returns. Our approach to any dispute requires a cost/benefit assessment based on the client’s competitive strategy and priorities. We never impose our own business judgment but rather equip our clients with the knowledge and strategies they need to make the most informed decisions for themselves.

Our construction dispute lawyers do not advocate from a checklist. Many firms have standardized processes for litigation, covering all imaginable bases regardless of the applicable facts. We don’t. We help our clients pick their battles and commit our energy to work that advances their goals. Each case is unique and deserves its own strategy, and our litigation plan reflects this.

Our attorneys also promote efficiency by utilizing technology. The bulk of any modern lawsuit is fought behind a computer screen during discovery. Finding the factual signal in the noise of emails, text messages, spreadsheets, documents, and CAD drawings is difficult. We recruit tech-savvy professionals, train our litigation teams in modern eDiscovery practices, and invest in emerging technologies. We harness the power of machines to deliver efficient, first-class legal service.

Deep Legal Expertise

Our efficiency is matched by our legal skill. Because Allensworth represents virtually every type of project participant, we understand the complex nature of the industry, the players involved, and the structure, implementation, and performance of construction contracts. In short, we know what issues matter to both our client and to our adversary. This strategic advantage helps us identify pressure points and weaknesses while finding possible common ground and paths to resolution.

We love what we do. We enjoy immersing ourselves in the intricacy of construction law and the complexity of the project’s underlying disputes. We are not generalists. We’re dedicated to construction law. We deliver the knowledge and experience needed to help clients navigate issues from procurement to project closeout and the many claims in between, including scheduling delays, payment disputes, liens and bonds, construction and design defects, warranty issues, and breaches of contract.

We Pick our Battles, and our Battleground

If the fight becomes necessary, we prepare to win. Formal disputes can play out in several different venues, including at mediation, arbitration, litigation, or on appeal. We see these venues as alternative pathways for solving our clients’ legal disputes. Some problems can only be solved with litigation. But sometimes litigation is the problem, not the solution, and we will provide counsel on dispute-avoidance strategies. Mediation is the overwhelming dispute resolution mechanism in the construction and design industries, but like any tool, it must be used properly. Finally, we are often retained to handle complex appeals for clients ranging from governmental entities to private contractors. In this case, we help our clients identify the strengths and weaknesses of the case and will let them know if the battle is worth fighting.

No two cases are ever the same. We offer our clients detailed, strategic analysis based on their unique situation, desired outcomes, and our experience of what it takes to get there.

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