Commercial Contractors

Of all our clients, contractors and subcontractors—the people who actually build things—can be exposed to the most risk. Working between the owners and the design team on one hand, and subcontractors on the other, they’re where the plan becomes reality.

As the party managing both upstream and downstream risk, contractors are charged with making the project actually happen. Contractors can be caught between the owner and the subcontractors performing the work, but together with the subcontractors, they’re responsible for managing the construction schedule, budget, and labor, while often subject to the vagaries of weather, labor shortages, uncertainties in the pricing of supplies and materials, and governmental entities. Success in this role demands grit, hard work, and careful and deliberate risk management.

We provide a realistic assessment of, and revisions to, construction contracts, focusing on risk management and mitigation while being mindful of those terms a court will enforce. Our attorneys know how to eliminate or soften the most threatening terms in a contract and how to end up with the best possible contract terms in a highly competitive environment. 

We also know how to handle challenges that arise during a project, and we can often help clients resolve conflicts before they turn into full-blown disputes, saving time, money, and relationships. Should a formal dispute become unavoidable, our contractor clients are confident knowing they’ve got the Allensworth team in their corner. Our experienced construction litigation attorneys are in the business of putting construction disputes to rest. From lien and bond claims to construction-defect disputes to contract, payment, and closeout issues, we’ve seen it all, and we use this insight to help our clients chart a path to resolution.

We work with Commercial Contractors and Subcontractors.

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