Outside General Counsel Services

At Allensworth, we provide outside general counsel services aimed at helping clients address construction law and risk management considerations from project conception to closeout.

We Understand the Issues from all Angles

Any business venture involves risk. This is particularly true in construction. Projects present a steady combination of unanticipated challenges, frequent setbacks, and unexpected costs and delays—often made even more challenging by the complexity of the process and the number of parties involved. At Allensworth, we provide outside general counsel services aimed at helping clients address construction law and risk management considerations from project conception to closeout.

We provide outside general counsel services for a full spectrum of clients, including owners, developers, contractors, architects, and engineers. We counsel clients on a wide range of projects, including high-rise towers, retail and restaurants, multi-family and mixed-use projects, medical and educational complexes, traditional and renewable energy projects, EPC projects, and many more. The scope of our experience gives us our 360° View of the entire industry. We understand key issues from every perspective, which affords us a unique ability to both anticipate and address whatever challenges arise.

Much of our risk mitigation work involves payment disputes and project closeout. Delays and unfinished work, even if minor, can create a battle among owners, contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals, which in turn can spawn claims for liquidated damages, schedule impact and delay, and the assertion of construction liens. We help our clients best by illuminating the parties’ statutory and contractual obligations, demystifying the dispute, and bringing clarity to a tangled process.

Our approach to avoiding or resolving these conflicts is grounded in our extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry. We take a multifaceted approach, beginning with helping clients proactively identify risks and manage them in advance. Whether it’s performing initial evaluations of insurance coverage, contingencies, or potential vendors; aiding with asset sales and the recovery of funds; resolving post-completion risks and closeout issues; or representing clients through mediation, litigation, arbitration, and appeals, we’re by our clients’ side at every step of a project.

We’re a Team of Problem Solvers

At our core, we are problem solvers who take on our clients’ issues as if they are our own. We are extensions of our clients’ own teams, serving as their external legal department. Our clients know that if an issue arises, their counsel is only a phone call away.

As everyone in the construction industry knows, it’s imperative to use the right tools for the job. We’ve cultivated a team of exceptionally skilled attorneys who draw upon their extensive knowledge of Texas construction law and risk management to provide us with game-changing firepower in key areas. We have attorneys who focus exclusively on drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts, who can quickly spot both potential problems and paths to daylight with existing ones. We have lawyers who have experience dealing with the challenges specific to EPC projects, and others who are renowned for their work both for and against governmental entities. And should a dispute require it, we have tough, aggressive litigators at the ready who exist to resolve complex problems. We assemble agile, experienced teams based on the specific issue at hand, ensuring that our clients have the right representation needed for their specific situation.

Above all, we are laser focused on getting our clients through whatever legal or financial morass they find themselves in and arriving at the other side—a total resolution, a final payment, and a functional project. Risk is the enemy of this, and we are the enemy of risk. The process can be complex, demanding, and extremely involved, but in the end, our goal is to solve our clients’ problems so they can focus on their business.

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