Owners & Developers

Owners are an exceptionally varied client category. They include governmental entities and private-sector participants across a range of industries. Regardless, all owners are focused on budgets and timelines.

Owners want their projects done on time, on budget, and at the expected level of quality. We help them accomplish that.

For example, in negotiating an owner’s agreement with a general contractor, our construction attorneys know what can go wrong because we also represent our own group of contractor clients. We can help the parties build in contingencies, distribute and limit risk according to the parties’ needs and interests, and ultimately come up with a realistic contract that’s flexible enough to address different scenarios without being overly one-sided, and therefore unworkable. We are here to make the deal happen.

We educate owners about how contract terms operate, identifying the array of risks, and allow them to make informed business decisions. From initial project planning and vendor selection to ongoing risk management and ultimate closeout, payment, or breach-of-contract disputes, our owner and developer clients trust Allensworth to help make their visions a reality.

We work with Public Owners, Private Owners, and Developers.

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