Water Law Services

Our team of attorneys combine their construction and water law experience to provide comprehensive legal services from concept through completion. Securing adequate and reliable water resources can be the linchpin of a successful project. We literally lead our clients to water, from identifying strategic supplies, through negotiations, transactions, permitting, regulatory compliance, and disputes.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise: Where Construction Meets Water

Not all construction professionals understand the complex relationship between construction and water availability. Allensworth attorneys do.  Our perspective and ability to seamlessly integrate these two critical areas of law gives our clients the power to tackle the most  substantial challenges our clients might face at the crossroads of construction and water law. By combining our experience in both realms, we provide solutions that are not only legally sound, but also pragmatic. 

With our Construction + Water approach, we don’t just offer legal advice, we serve as a strategic partner who understands the interplay between water regulations, utilities, and construction processes.  From permitting and planning, through regulatory challenges, contracting, construction, post-construction phases, and territorial disputes, we provide guidance that promotes compliance, mitigates risks, and paves the way for successful project completion.

Navigating the Complexities of Texas Water Law

Texas water law is complex and often far from straightforward. It’s an area where federal, state, and local regulations can converge to dramatically impact the way water suppliers and developers operate. Allensworth leverages our years of experience to guide our clients through the daunting challenges that are unique to this nuanced area of law .

We turn  legal jargon into actionable insights. With our in-depth knowledge, we are our client’s compass in this sea, helping them not only find their way but confidently navigate it. 

Engage with Technical Experts: Where Law Meets Science

Water law is not just about legal expertise. It’s also about understanding the technical intricacies that underpin water development and management. That’s why our clients trust our legal counsel and rely on us to build a team of technical experts in hydrology, geology, ecology, and other relevant fields. By fusing legal acumen with scientific insights, we craft comprehensive and well-supported  permit applications. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that every aspect of a permit application or case is meticulously addressed.

Unlocking Possibilities, Driving Success

When you choose Allensworth, you’re tapping into a wealth of experience, knowledge, relationships, and a commitment to your success. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of Texas water law, turning challenges into opportunities, and transforming uncertainty into clarity. Whether you’re a water supplier, developer, or governmental entity, we have the expertise to help you navigate the intricate legal landscape with confidence.


  • Water Planning Development and Guidance: Assist water suppliers, individuals, corporate and industrial clients with finding and marketing available sources of water, understanding the value of the asset, assembling critical science and finance expertise to provide comprehensive strategic guidance on water supply acquisition and marketing.
  • Water Rights Acquisition and Permitting: Assist clients with water rights sales and leases, negotiating water supply contracts,  and securing and defending surface water rights and groundwater permits. 
  • Water Quality  Permitting: Help obtain Clean Water Act / Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits and Texas Land Application Permits  for wastewater disposition and water reuse. 
  • Administrative Representation: Represent retail water districts, such as WSCs and SUDs, in disputes with the Public Utility Commission of Texas and landowners over the release of certificates of convenience and necessity (CCN), including under Texas Water Code §13.2541. 
  • Territorial Protection: Represent indebted retail water suppliers in litigation enforcing federal protection of their service territory pursuant to the United States Department of Agriculture’s rural lending program under 7 U.S.C. §1926.
  • Regulatory Guidance: Guide governmental bodies and businesses through the minefields of agency environmental water regulation and compliance. 
  • Civil and Administrative Litigation: Represent clients in a wide array of water disputes, including at: district and appellate courts in both state and federal court; before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the State Office of Administrative Hearings, and the Public Utility Commission of Texas. 
  • Water Facility and Infrastructure Construction Representation: Provide transactional and dispute resolution services for water-related projects, from project conception through project close-out. 

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