Construction Contracts

Any commercial construction project, especially a major one, is built on a matrix of lengthy, complex, and often interconnected agreements, covering everything from delivery dates to change orders to contingencies.

As construction contract lawyers, we specialize in the management of this aspect of the business for a wide range of clients, including owners and developers, design professionals, contractors, and subcontractors. We also work on every type of commercial construction project, from high-rises to EPC to infrastructure to renewable energy. Ultimately, our clients are in business to get things designed and built, and we draft the contracts to make that happen.

In Construction, Time is Money, and Details Matter

We have a deep, multifaceted understanding of the nuances, complexities, and internal and external forces that affect deal making. Our construction contract lawyers harness this insight to get our clients to their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. One major reason we’re able to do this is the breadth of our experience. Having represented virtually every kind of construction industry client, we’re skilled at anticipating critical issues, avoiding distractions, and identifying points of leverage and risk between parties. Our attorneys are also tuned in to market standards and key players in Texas, and we guide our clients accordingly. With an emphasis on fast turnaround time, efficiency, and precision, we focus on—and quickly resolve—the contractual issues that matter and avoid wasting time (and our clients’ money).

We see contracts as the raw material of any construction project and the ultimate planning and risk allocation tool. We excel at delivering contracts that manage risk, maximize opportunity, and address a myriad of potential scenarios. Our attorneys handle every aspect of the contract development process, including drafting, negotiation, and modification. From industry-standard templates, including AIA, ConsensusDocs, and EJCDC forms, to customized manuscript agreements, no detail is too small. We focus on how specific terms have been interpreted by Texas courts, including insurance coverage, the Economic Loss Rule, indemnity and defense obligations, and fee-shifting provisions, to set our clients up for success.

Construction is complex, and our construction contract lawyers work to simplify and expedite the process. We emphasize straightforward, direct communication with our clients and adversaries to quickly identify and resolve issues. Our goal is to solve problems so we can get projects underway by helping all parties get to “yes.” The combination of efficiency, precision, and straightforward communication naturally leads to the development of a strong working relationship with our clients. Consequently, we form long-term relationships with our clients and often act as the external legal branch of their business year after year.

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