Amy Emerson is a born persuader. She has an uncanny ability to advocate with zeal while never losing the warmth and engagement that make her such a great advocate. Her power to convince her audience—whoever that might be—comes from painstaking preparation, reading the room, and delivering her arguments with confidence and clarity.

An experienced construction litigation attorney, Amy represents both public and private owners and contractors in construction-related disputes of all kinds, bringing a highly disciplined, process-driven approach to her work. Although the details and specifics vary in each case, she always begins by making sure she’s attacking the “real” problem by identifying the issues that matter and setting aside the ones that don’t. She listens carefully, asks a lot of questions, and immerses herself in all of the technical details.

Amy is particularly skilled at breaking down the complex concepts that exist at the intersection of the construction industry and the law. Once she knows the strengths and weaknesses of a case, she works with her clients to develop a litigation strategy that matches their business objectives with well-calibrated steps toward realistic results. She educates clients early and extensively on the costs of litigation, the process, and the potential outcomes so they can make informed business decisions. From there, she develops a tailored dispute resolution plan that brings the client toward the end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. One way she does this is by strategically picking her battles: Amy has the experience and the judgment to know when it’s time to stand your ground, time to let it go, or time to storm the beach. In other words, she’ll let you know if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Amy brings an unusually broad range of experience to her work as a construction litigation attorney. She began her career working primarily with governmental entities, which gave her a behind-the-scenes perspective on how public entities operate in lawsuits, handle procurement, and manage large public construction contracts. She’s handled cases dealing with everything from massive water reservoir permitting to bet-the-company construction disputes.

Her career experience coupled with her signature charm—a special blend of personality, wit, and competitive drive—give her a unique perspective on problem-solving and client-specific advocacy. It’s this same straightforward, people-oriented approach that makes her incredibly effective at managing the firm’s operations. As Co-Managing Partner, Amy is the person responsible for ensuring that our people and processes are all working together to bring our law firm’s overarching vision to life.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys almost anything that’s outdoors, remote, and preferably, challenging. She has the soul of an expeditioner—running, backpacking, overlanding, snowshoeing, and cycling over every imaginable terrain. And just as with her law practice, she finds the journey every bit as rewarding as the outcome.

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  • J.D., with honors, The University of Texas at Austin School of Law (2007)
  • B.A., cum laude, Southwestern University (2003)

Licenses & Certifications

  • Supreme Court of Texas
  • Admitted to U.S. District Courts for the Western, Eastern, Northern, and Southern Districts of Texas
  • Admitted to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

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