We are pleased to announce that our firm’s founder, William  R. Allensworth, has retired from Allensworth & Porter in order to serve on the Texas Facilities Commission, where he is applying his many years of experience in construction law to help manage Texas public property.

William took the greatest risk of his career when he founded this firm in 1995. His goal was to create a legal practice that was radically different from other firms. He envisioned a happy, non-hierarchical workplace driven not by billable hours and pure profit, but by dedication to clients, serious legal scholarship, and dignity and professionalism in the practice of law.

While these were honorable aspirations, they were also strategic business decisions. William believed that if he assembled a team with those shared values, the firm would retain top talent, do great work for clients, and build a reputation for not only knowing construction law, but understanding the construction industry.

After twenty-three years, we are happy to say that William’s risk was worth the reward. While so much has changed since the firm was founded, our shared vision has not. It continues to be the driving force that guides us daily, and we have William to thank for that.

As William moves into this next phase of his career, we cannot think of someone more well suited for the Texas Facilities Commission. We know that his incredible insight, dedication, and leadership will benefit the people of Texas as it has benefited all of us.  


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