Arbitration Services

Our construction lawyers have represented, worked with, and know well every kind of actor in the industry. We bring this 360° perspective to the arbitration environment to help parties reach definitive, well-reasoned resolutions.

When a construction dispute arises, the lowest-impact resolution is almost always reached through a mediated settlement. Adjudicating a conflict through trial carries the challenges of bringing a jury to understand complex construction issues, the risks of a runaway verdict, and the certainty of expense, delay, publicity, and the emotional impact of the courtroom.

In the middle of this spectrum is arbitration. If handled correctly by arbitrators who understand the nuances of construction law, this dispute resolution model can streamline and expedite the process, reduce expenses, and produce a just result based on a reasoned distillation of the key facts and applicable law. This is where our Construction Arbitration Services practice group thrives.

Unrivaled Industry Knowledge

In serving as arbitrators, we deliver the accumulated knowledge of both the industry we serve and the law that applies to it. Our firm cares about details, and about scholarship. We have an extensive working knowledge of the key legal issues in the field.

Our construction lawyers have represented, worked with, and know well every kind of actor in the industry—owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, surveyors, suppliers, lenders, and manufacturers. We have a 360° perspective on the matters we handle, and we bring that to the construction arbitration environment.

Our firm’s focus on construction law and our commitment to details, industry buy-in, scholarship, and professionalism all make us especially well-suited to preside over the complex issues in a construction dispute. And we have the credentials to prove it. From presenting at the State Bar of Texas’s annual Construction Law Conference to teaching Construction Law and Construction Litigation at the University of Texas School of Law, our lawyers have a long record of producing industry-leading articles, presentations, and legal arguments that address virtually every facet of Texas construction law.

Knowledgeable. Fair. Impartial.

We bring to our construction arbitration services the same discipline and scrutiny our clients depend on when we act as their advocates. We pay exceptionally close attention to the legal and factual details of our disputes. As practitioners who have spent our careers in the trenches as advocates in the arbitration process, we understand the claims and defenses when selected to oversee the dispute, from the first filing to the final award.

Because of our advocacy experience, we’re also skilled at the day-to-day management of the arbitration process. We’re willing to let the involved parties push as far as they need through the dispute resolution phase, stay out of the way as necessary during the discovery phase, and then render a fair and impartial award.

The simple, but sometimes elusive, hallmark of a good arbitrator is the ability to efficiently arrive at the right answer—for the right reasons. This doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of decades of experience, thought, and dedication to the process. As with our advocacy on behalf of our clients, we apply this same capability to our construction arbitration services.

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