Introducing Jason T. Hill and Our Water Law Practice Group: Addressing Complex Water Challenges for Our Clients

Austin, Texas – Allensworth, a nationally ranked law firm in construction and infrastructure development, is excited to announce the expansion of our Water Law Practice Group. This comes as a natural extension of our commitment to providing comprehensive legal services to our clients, addressing their evolving needs throughout the construction project life cycle.

Client Needs: Solving Complex Water Challenges from Concept through Completion

Water is the lifeblood of development and construction, and our clients often encounter intricate and challenging water-related legal concerns. Given our overwhelming focus on construction law and infrastructure projects, we understand the vital importance of addressing these issues effectively. By venturing further into water law, we can now offer our clients a broader range of pre-construction services that cater to their specific needs related to water rights, water permits, water contracts, water use regulations, water security, and compliance matters. Building on our experience in public procurement and infrastructure construction projects and issues, and combining it with our water law services,  we are well-positioned to assist our clients from project planning through construction, securing water resources and navigating complex water issues every step of the way for a successful project outcome.

Meeting Growing Demand: Trusted Advisors for Water Challenges

The demand for water-related legal services has experienced a dramatic upswing, primarily driven by population growth and heightened awareness of water resource management. As water issues become increasingly complex and pose significant challenges to development and construction in Texas, our clients seek trusted advisors with deep knowledge and experience. By expanding our dedicated water law practice, we position ourselves to meet this demand. We are dedicated to overcoming development obstacles and ensuring that progress thrives in Texas. 

As pioneers in the construction law landscape, we are excited to embrace the opportunities and challenges presented by water law. Our Water Law Practice Group is staffed with seasoned attorneys who bring a 360-degree perspective for addressing the diverse legal aspects of water-related matters.

The Allensworth Water Law Team

For several years, lawyers at Allensworth have been representing rural water districts in disputes over the development, design, and construction of infrastructure within their service areas. Specifically, they serve as legal counsel for water supply corporations and special utility districts, advocating for the preservation of their state service territory through certificates of convenience and necessity, as well as their federal law territorial rights under the federal lending program administered under 7 U.S.C. § 1926. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved, they navigate all forums affecting service territories, including administrative proceedings before the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and state and federal litigation. They provide guidance so that rural water districts can confidently interact with developers, contractors, and designers involved in water infrastructure development, while also implementing best practices to safeguard their territories from encroachment. The team at Allensworth empowers water districts to overcome challenges and continue providing vital water resources to their communities.

Jason T. Hill joins Allensworth as Of Counsel

We are also thrilled to welcome Jason T. Hill as our newest addition to the Allensworth team, joining us as Of Counsel for the Water Law Practice Group. Jason brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for water law, making him a valuable asset to our firm and our clients.

Jason’s recognition of the significance of water security and his commitment to guiding clients through the complexities of water law align perfectly with our firm’s values. Throughout his career, Jason has been a steadfast advocate for securing water access and fostering sustainable growth for governmental entities, businesses, and entire communities. His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including water and land rights counseling, regulatory guidance, negotiation and drafting of water supply agreements, and securing and defending surface water and groundwater rights and water discharge permits. Moreover, his proficiency in policy development and analysis allows him to actively participate in industry initiatives and provide invaluable legislative support to protect his clients’ interests.

Jason’s meticulous approach to safeguarding his clients’ interests extends from administrative hearings to complex negotiations and litigation. Beyond being a skillful courtroom advocate, Jason understands the importance of being a trusted advisor and counselor to his clients. He excels in demystifying and navigating the intricacies of Texas water law, providing clients with accessible language and practical solutions to their challenges.

With Jason Hill now a part of the Allensworth team, we are even more fully equipped to meet the growing demand for water-related legal counsel, expand our water-related services, and continue serving as the trusted advisors our clients rely on in addressing their complex water challenges. 

About Allensworth

Since 1995, Allensworth has been at the forefront of providing exceptional legal services to clients engaged in construction and infrastructure development projects. With a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to meet our clients’ legal challenges and exceed their expectations.

For more information about our Water Law Practice Group and how we can assist with your water-related legal needs, please visit our Water Law Services page.


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